The World Piece

How different is the "different"?

In these few weeks of travel we have crossed dozens of people. With some we spent only a couple of minutes between one bus stop and another, with others we had the opportunity to spend a few hours telling each other about their lives, birth towns and habits.

We realized that Koreans are gesturing exactly like us.
That the Japanese, if you try to ask them for an indication near the turnstile of the metro, risk that they will overturn you for the hurry in true "Milanese" style.

That if instead you ask them outside a restaurant, on a full stomach, you will receive great smiles and a lot of help (we are all happier with a full stomach, everywhere).

We saw a video of Momondo, The World Piece, which really moved us and tells us how much, everywhere, we will always find something that unites and unites us.

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