Discount codes and tips to save money

Here is a collection of all discount codes and promotions that we use or that are offered to us as regular customers of some services. The page is constantly updated, both because some discount codes are temporary, and because they always come out new ones. Come back to visit it regularly so you do not miss out on any new offers!

Also, if you know of promotions / discounts and want to share them with us and other site visitors, write in the comments at the bottom of the page. Thank you! needs little introduction, it is one of the most used tools to book hotels, accommodation, flights and rent cars.
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momondo is a global search engine that compares cheap flights, hotels and car rental offers. OWT-badge
We are part of the momondo Open World Travelers Ambassadors program (adventure started in 2018 and renewed for the current 2019 season), which means we will receive offers, campaigns, features and contests directly from momondo to share them with you all!

Nel mentre potete dare un’occhiata al loro sito cliccando HERE

Worth noting is the interesting function take me anywhere, which allows you to plan a trip simply by choosing the budget available, the dates and the travel category you are interested in (for example "mysterious destinations", "night life", etc.).
This can be a good way to discover new destinations that are unexpectedly in line with your tastes.

A very important factor to keep the ticket price low is the moment you buy it. You have to be careful not to buy it close to departure (and this is obvious), but we must also consider the day of the week in which you fly, the timetable, the airline and another series of less trivial factors. To simplify your life you can consult the Annual flight study, where you just enter the city of departure and your destination to get comprehensive advice on how and when to buy your flight at the lowest price.


Airbnb is a great way to find apartments for rent anywhere, with the security of good assistance from the site just in case. We never had any problems, but a friend of ours happened to discover that the booked apartment was in a much more uncomfortable position than the one indicated on the site: the customer service immediately found another apartment without paying any extra charge. In short, given the often very cheap prices, for us it is more than promoted.

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