The best beaches in Bali

Bali is famous for its dazzling nature, the instagrammable rice fields and the mind-boggling waterfalls in the middle of the forest. But what is the sea like? What are the best beaches?

Most of the tourists who want to make beach life in Bali, focus on the south area of the island, which is also the most chaotic and least traditional of all. After almost two months spent on the so-called "Island of the Gods", we can say that this area is certainly the area that least affected us in Bali, and, unless yours is a journey full of life, at night or be surfers in search of the perfect wave, we advise you to avoid this area.

If you decide in any case to spend a few days in the south here are the beaches that we think deserve a visit:

  • Jimbaran
    If you are looking for a wide beach, clean sand and not too chaotic the best choice is definitely Jimbaran. The sea tends to be moved here, as in the whole south of the island, but we have found more than once the ideal conditions for swimming. In addition, there is no lack of beachside restaurants offering good food, although prices are obviously a bit higher than average
  • Seminyak
    Enormous, decidedly more chaotic because there is a remarkable overabundance of beachside venues. If you want to party and enjoy a breathtaking sunset this is the right place. At low tide the shoreline becomes a huge mirror that reflects the magnificent colors of the sun sinking into the sea ... not to mention that as soon as darkness falls the night life here is not lacking.
  • Kuta Beach
    Geographically located between the two beaches marked above. Even his soul is something in between: the festivals are not lacking, the beach is very long but it is not as wide as the other two, not to mention that when we went we found a lot of dirt in the sand. Nice.
  • Pandawa
    It is one of the southernmost beaches of all, little known until a few years ago. Now, unfortunately, its popularity has increased so much that, only if you are a tourist, you have to pay an entrance ticket. To us it seemed an absurd request (as well as unfair), given the abundance of beaches in Bali, not to mention that the sea is usually very rough, therefore more suitable for those who surf. We chose not to go there.
  • Suluban Beach
    Spectacular, a small beach set among towering cliffs, with terraced bars from which you can see magnificent sunsets. A long but not too difficult staircase will take you to sea level, where you can take some photos or surf. Absolutely not suitable for beach life however.
  • Nusa Dua
    There are several kilometers of beaches here, but the area is mostly overrun with luxury resorts and restaurants with more than inflated prices. We did not like this area very much, so we did not spend much time with it.

So, where is it better to go to find a beautiful sea in Bali?

  • Lovina Beach
    This is where we shot the video you see in the article , located north of Bali.
    The beach is long and sandy , unfortunately we didn't find it particularly clean. The sunsets are very beautiful (although not at the level of Seminyak). We recommend it mainly for boat trips to spot dolphins or snorkel. As you can see in the video the sea is a bit offshore, but pay attention to who you choose to organize excursions!
    Lovina is famous for dolphin sightings, the competition is great and it is It is possible to organize a low-cost excursion, unfortunately those who offer themselves cheap (usually leaving at dawn and for only two hours of excursion) often do so by chasing the dolphins, disturbing them and almost investing them, among dozens and dozens of other boats. We witnessed terrible scenes: boats that surrounded the dolphins without giving them a way out, ramming them and taking aggressive and not very respectful behavior of animals.
    Thanks to a search on Tripadvisor we found Edi , a local man who organizes "ethical" excursions: the time required is greater - because one slowly approaches dolphins without disturbing them - and even the price is slightly higher (we are still talking about twenty euros per person for a 6 hour excursion ), but we were super happy to make our experience with a kind and respectful approach towards these wonderful animals. We advise you to bring a hat, antinausea tablets if you suffer from seasickness, water and sun cream.
    If you are interested, you can contact Edi on whatsapp on his number: +62 852 3747 7172
  • Amed Beach
    Outside the classic tourist itineraries, it is located in the north-east of the island.
    The reef is very beautiful, it is an area suitable for snorkeling with small quiet places on the beach . You can also enjoy the view of Mount Agung just behind you.
  • West Bali Nation Park
    It is located in the north-west of Bali and, in addition to visiting the park, it is possible to go hiking and diving to spot the most beautiful corals of the island. Unfortunately we have not been there, so we cannot give you many indications, except that many locals we spoke to consider it the best area of the island for diving and snorkeling.

Obviously there are other beaches in Bali, but these are certainly the most famous and we hope that our indications can give you a rough idea of what the areas that can meet your needs may be. Have a good trip!

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