The beginning of our world trip

I write this post sitting on the uncomfortable metal bench in front of Malpensa's gate 4. The last few weeks have been crazy to say the least ... we have greeted all our friends, colleagues and relatives, dividing between fast food races, ice creams on the fly and dinners together to spend at least an instant with everyone. To all this must be added the vaccines (which between first doses, incompatible vaccines, second and third recalls dragged on for almost a month and a half), the move to completely empty our small apartment - which we discovered containing enough objects for furnish three medium-sized houses, the sale of all the furniture except the mattress with its relative nervous exhaustion - because those who knew that selling on the marketplace is like being in a Suk in Marrakech among insults, disappearances and digital bargains -, ran to do documents, certificates, paperwork, and Russia that wants the paper-only ticket, and the life-saving medicine that you have to declare and counter-state in order to transport it, and sleep six hours in the parents' childhood room ... And now, silence.

We are here, in the frenzy of the airport. And we only hear a peaceful silence, the anxiety of leaving everything behind us for a year, the breath a little broken by the last hugs, but in silence.

We are here, we hold hands and look at the preview of this future made up of hotels, hostels, guesthouses, sofas offered, workaways, street stalls, shabby buses and lots and lots of LIFE.

Think of the years spent giving up dinner or a new t-shirt to put aside two more pennies at the end of the month, to that hoard made of hard work and overtime in a job that was stealing oxygen from our lungs. We think of the miles, the flavors, the voices, the images that will fill our eyes and we are here, in silence, holding hands.

Today begins our tour of the world in search of life and of the meaning of our existence to look for in the eyes of whom we will meet. We decided to take a year of our lives and make it, for the first time, what we dream of.

Yes, this is a decidedly dull post, but be lenient. We have eyes wide open, the heart is bursting, a lump in my throat and the world ahead.

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