Escape from Technology: When you need to disconnect

Have you ever looked around you on the subway, bus or lunch break at work? There is one thing that 90% of people have in common, including us (but we are "detoxifying") and perhaps you too.
What is it? Of the now compulsive use of the smartphone.

Past being a method of communication (remember the Vodafone Summer Infinity that allowed you to use 100 text messages and 100 mms a day? Remember that !!), to an important tool to find information -with the arrival of the internet- regulated and downsized by the fact that cell phone traffic cost a monstrosity to become almost a drug.

The internet bundles offer 30/40/50 giga at the price of a pizza and unlimited minutes and text messages.

The memory of smartphones has gone from being 1 Gigabyte to the recent launch of the new 1 Terabyte smartphone.

I don't know about you, but all this scares me. Because I realize that if I used my mobile only for communications and to watch the weather if I was around, now my smartphone literally contains my whole life. The balance of my current account, all my correspondence, all my pay slips, the app to monitor the cycle, the one to talk with friends, to call a taxi, to order food, to shop online and again games app, those to draw and I could go on forever.

Are you hungry? Smartphone.
Don't you know where to go for dinner? Smartphone.
Are you single and looking for someone? Smartphone.

I see around us social relationships that die, groups that come out in groups and then disintegrate during the evening and create groups of two formats from a person and his smartphone. The gaze, the finger that flows upwards spasmodically in search of a new video, post, photo and so on.

How do you put a stop to this? With what is called DIGITAL DETOX.

Clearly we are not demonizing the overall use of mobile phones, if we "exist" as a travel blogger it is largely thanks to the existence of these contraptions.

But we think that, at least every now and then, we should impose a moment of detoxification and get back in touch with ourselves and with our surroundings. Restaurants are appearing everywhere where, by handing over the phone, you can be entitled to a discount that sometimes even reaches 20% of the total.

When we are in Italy, sometimes we simply decide to take the car, our trusty camping mattress and leave. Find a nice clearing, build our big bed in the car and watch nature and the sky. We turn everything off, disconnect the brain and enjoy each other's company. Sometimes it is really a way of finding oneself and being able to listen to one another 100% (how many times do you happen to talk to someone distracted by a cell phone, who tells you to listen to you and once you look away you understand that in reality you haven't heard a word of this what were you saying? and how many times, instead, was the distracted person who didn't listen to you?)

Find a corner of serenity in which you can disconnect from the phone, reclaim your time and your mind (in Italy the average use of the phone is around 5 hours a day, to let you know how long you are talking) and listen in .

As said before, for us the best detox is an escape in nature, possibly where there is no field. When we can't leave by car, we choose small restaurants in old buildings in the center of Turin, those with walls half a meter from which not even an electromagnetic wave passes.

At the moment we are in South Korea, and we are "detoxifying" also thanks to the choice not to buy a local sim but to rely exclusively on public WiFi. In this way we can enjoy the places without having to establish a fixed route; even wandering aimlessly it is possible to come across extraordinary places.

What do you prefer? Nature, old restaurants or a nice trip?

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