How to organize a road trip

We have a small subcompact called Syria. Vecchiotta, small on the outside but gigantic on the inside. Totally indifferent to modern aesthetics, even ugly. Lightened up of all the bulky aesthetic options of current cars. Spacious luggage compartment, dashboard reduced to a minimum and, more importantly, comfortable seats and wonderfully reclining!

For months now we take advantage of every possibility of escaping from the routine to jump on our toy car and unload to the unknown. Unknown that sometimes it is an open space with an evocative view an hour's drive from home, and sometimes a soft and slow path that takes us further, listening to our favorite songs and milling kilometers.

As "consumed" (literally, the back may not be particularly happy the day) habituรฉe road trip, we have compiled the ranking of the 10 things that can not miss on our journey. Not all of them are strictly useful, but all of them will guarantee you a comfortable journey without unpleasant surprises!


  1. A thermos and soluble coffee. In most hotels where you will stop during the trip you will find water and a kettle. Take the thermos and top up with an emergency caffeine.
  2. Car repair kit. I know, starting a list in a pessimistic way is not very indicated. But even less indicated would be in the middle of nowhere with a wheel on the ground, without a portable compressor, warning triangle or repair kit.
  3. Car charger. The navigator app consumes a lot, you might need to keep the phone in charge from time to time.
  4. Water. You will not always find a roadside cafe or bar, guarantee a supply of water!
  5. Stockpile. Nothing exaggerated, a couple of packaged rolls, dried fruit and comfort food will help you in times of hunger.
  6. Plastic bags. Our must in every long move! You will need to throw away the accumulated papers, any uncleaned linen and order the provisions.
  7. Sanitizing wipes. Whether you need to eat, or have to freshen up, wet wipes will keep you fresh and odor-free!
  8. Music. Whether it's a Spotify playlist or a flash drive with your favorite music, having an accompaniment suited to the trip will give you a whole new taste!
  9. Would you rather. It is a game that compares two hypotheses with the aim of choosing one of the two. The more disturbing, senseless and disturbing, the better.
  10. Pillow. If you are a passenger, you can take advantage of a few hours of comfortable rest before changing the pilot.

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