How to enjoy the north of Norway without going bankrupt


1500 KM between cars, feet, shuttle and dog sled

In many travel blogs and sites, there are often no specifics about the costs incurred for a particular flight / hotel / restaurant and so on. We find that those who travel by passion and must rely on a limited budget (like us), on the other hand, need to have as much information as possible on the order of expenditure that awaits them. As for this trip we would like to say that Norway is CARA, but it can be fully experienced with some care even by those who do not have a large amount available (to read our travel diary click HERE ).

Booked on October 5th on Skyscanner, the "first book and less pay" rule is always valid and you pay € 379.10 € for two tickets.

Travel details

Date of departure: February 13, 2018

DepartureArrivalFlight N°FromTo
2018-02-13 06:402018-02-13 07:50LH1865Milano MalpensaMünchen Tyskland (MUC-Franz Josef Strauss Intl.) Franz Josef Strauss Intl.
2018-02-13 09:202018-02-13 11:35LH2414München Tyskland (MUC-Franz Josef Strauss Intl.) Franz Josef Strauss Intl.Stockholm Arlanda
2018-02-13 12:552018-02-13 14:45SK1491Stockholm ArlandaTromso Tromso/Langnes

Date of return: February 21, 2018

DepartureArrivalN° VoloFromTo
2018-02-21 14:002018-02-21 17:25LH871Tromso Tromso/LangnesFrancoforte Int.
2018-02-21 20:402018-02-21 21:50LH258Francoforte Int.Milano Malpensa

They seem to be many airports, actually having all available about an hour between landing and take-off, the various movements have passed quickly.
At a cost of 110 € we decided to board two suitcases with a maximum weight of 23 kg each. Our advice is to buy at least one checked baggage for every two people. Why?

  1. You will need it if, like us, you decide to bring supplies
  2. Heavy clothes take up a lot of space

MPX (Malpensa) - MUC (Monaco) and MUC - ARN (Stockholm) were carried out by Lufthansa, while ARN - TOS (Tromso) by SAS Airlines. The first two flights departed and arrived in perfect time, the staff was kind and fast and the whole procedure of boarding at the gate took less than half an hour. & nbsp; The third flight operated by the SAS company started instead with 1 hour and 40 minutes of delay, without a single word or communication from the reception desk to justify it, so that on the gate board the note of the delay was inserted after more than half an hour from the scheduled take-off time.

Personally we do not feel like advising SAS as an airline, at least for the lack of attention to passengers. On the other hand, the aircraft is quite comfortable and functional, each armchair has a USB socket on the backrest in front of it. We had to recharge the phones in view of the photographic marathon that would be followed!

Total cost: 489,10 € (2 TICKETS + 2 BAGGAGES)


Since we intend to travel about 1400 km we decided to rent a car for the entire period of stay and with unlimited mileage to allow us to move without constraints and in a short time. We rented with Hertz through the Ryanair portal ( which for the days entered was the cheapest. From 13 to 21 February inclusive we spent € 303.65 plus an additional 60.48 for the stipulation of an additional policy. The latter was made to scruple so as to allow us to have maximum coverage and security even in case of damage wrongly, which on such a particular ground are not unusual.

The car we have chosen, and which (we say casually) was the cheapest was a Wolswagen Up or similar. We were basically looking for a compact car with limited fuel consumption considering the kilometers to go. Upon arrival at the airport we were assigned a Kia Rio, excellent being more spacious than the Up. There are no tolls and tolls on the 700-kilometer stretch from Tromso to Å Lofoten, so the only cost to be considered was around € 130 for petrol, which costs liter in line with the Italian one. Advice: If you are traveling in the winter, be sure to request a car with studded tires (they should be fitted by default, but it is better to check first). The main roads are covered with a layer of ice often a few centimeters, and winter tires may not be enough (at Tromso we have spotted more than one tourist struggling with a too steep climb).

It is possible to pay by credit or debit card, but the car rental upon arrival will ask you to show a credit card on which to block an amount as a deductible. In our case it was € 300, credited back at the end of the rental.

Total cost: 364,13 € (RENTAL + INSURANCE)


Most of the cities we visited do not have free parking in the city center, at least during the day. Some areas offer the possibility of parking for one hour only, others free of charge after 5pm and before 8am Tromso hosts a huge underground car park in the center of the city formed by a series of galleries with different exits, the cost is 2.40 € / hour during the day and 1.40 € / hour during the night. Cash (Norwegian Kroner only) and cards are accepted.

Recommended links:  << This link also includes images and explanations of road signs

We have contacted and compared several companies to organize a dog sled excursion, comparing them by price and duration of the trip. The prices are quite similar to each other, the substantial difference lies in the time actually spent on the sled. This is a summary of the day that this article is uploaded:

€ 190 approx half price up to 12 years

Length of excursion 4 hours, on the sledge not specified

approx 160€

Length of excursion 7 hours, abundant 3 hours, time on the slide

apporx 192€

Lenght of the excursion not specified, time on the sled 1,5 / 2 hours

190€ ca.

Length of excursion 6.5 hours, 2.5 hours time on the slide

approx 215€

Length of excursion 9 hours, time on the slide 2 hours.

This site offers a complete overview and packages of several days or with additional activities:

TIP: Whichever company you choose, we advise you to contact them to ask what the actual time you will spend on a sled, if it is not specified on the site. A very long trip does not necessarily involve an equally long sleigh ride. If you specify the distance, know that basically 10-12 km is equivalent to about two hours on the slide.


The first two nights we stayed in Tromso, choosing the Smarthotel Tromsø.
Super recommended! Prices & nbsp; contents compared to the average of the area, central location with supermarket, restaurants and pharmacy within 5 minutes walk, excellent and brand new structure.

We first searched through Trivago for the cheapest price and finally booked on Expedia via app, which at the first reservation often offers a discount of around 5% by entering the promotional code (just search on google keywords such as "Expedia booking discount"). The hotel is nice, clean, modern and oriented to those traveling low budget. It has 24-hour reception, a fridge used as a convenience store with prices slightly higher than the supermarkets in the area, a room with ironing board and iron available (we found it on the second floor near the room 240), breakfast at honest prices (around 13 €), possibility of having a hot soup always available for about € 8 and especially the common room to the left of the reception can be freely used by guests to consume food brought from outside, provided that you clean the table that is used. The hotel has coffee and tea available 24 hours a day. The room is very small, enough to make us a French bed and a desk, but very clean and quiet. The bathroom is of a fair size, clean and very modern. BEST VALUE FOR MONEY IN TROMSO

PRICE: € 196 approx, room for 2 nights


After the day in sleigh we reached the city of Svolvaer by car, staying for two nights at the Hammerstad Camping booked via Booking (best offer according to Trivago). Arrived at about 19.30 (the owner is very kind, in the morning he also called us to confirm the indicative time in which we would arrive and gave us a hint on the state of the streets of the place), we checked in and paid for a couple of minutes. The bungalows are independent wooden houses of various sizes, almost all facing the lake with a view of the sunset and sunrise. Cleaning can be done by guests, this allows you to save between € 20 and € 70 depending on the bungalow you decide to rent (each bungalow is equipped with everything you need to clean). On arrival everything was clean and tidy, the houses are built entirely of wood and are equipped with everything. Very nice, the interiors of the cabins from 1 to 7 are a bit 'dated, those from 8 to 11 are more spacious and modern but definitely more expensive. The location is optimal if you move by car, it is 5 minutes drive from practically everything. RECOMMENDED

TIP : It is offered the possibility to pay completely on site, convenient option if you find an offer online but you do not have the economic availability to pay everything when booking. Bring a bed set, you will save the € 13 per person needed to rent them on site (all the hotels we stayed in had 2 single duvets for each queen size bed, adjust accordingly with the number of bedding sets from bring)

PRICE: € 170 approx. in Rorbu for 2 nights


Leaving Svolvaer we crossed the fjords to the south towards A, the last inhabited country.
We could not find our youth hostel, we kept driving the car back and forth and saw nothing but the museum of dried fish. Soon said, the hostel is in the same Rorbu that houses the museum, next to the port and huge gigantic wooden racks with heads and bodies of fish hanging to dry in the air.

The smell on the outside is characteristic, let's say! The reception is located in relation to the rooms, on arrival we were provided with clean and fragrant bed linen. Our room, number 1, is located just at the entrance of the hostel and has a spectacular view of the sea. Clean but not very silent, being the structure completely in wood. The hostel has two showers, two bathrooms and a kitchen in excellent condition. The country is quite off, at least during the winter. RECOMMENDED HOSTEL, CITY NOT RECOMMENDED.

TIP: If you are traveling in 2, by adding 5 euros you can book a private room instead of a dormitory.
Being a youth hostel, if you have an annual card you will be entitled to a 10% discount

PRICE: € 200 approx. for 3 nights

WARNING : It is also possible to book via Booking using our promotional link, through which you will be entitled to a 10% reimbursement on the amount spent:

In Svolvaer you can visit the Magic Ice Bar, a bar with an attached gift shop at a temperature of -6 degrees On the recommendation we are undecided, it is a particular pavilion with very beautiful ice sculptures, the first drink consists of a cocktail served in an ice cup based on a liqueur similar to the Port and the second is a choice from the menu with some restrictions on the most expensive cocktails (always served in ice glasses). & nbsp; I cons consist in the fact that it is an attraction quite expensive for what it offers: basically it is a large refrigerated shed and looks like a bit of a tourist trap. RECOMMENDED? NEITHER YES NOR NO

PRICE: 20 € approximately with one drink included and 25 € with two drinks

Halfway between Svolvaer and A is the Borg Viking museum which houses the reconstruction of a large Viking-era house whose remains were brought to light in 1983. Faithful to the original, the layout allows you to discover the different techniques used by the Vikings for food preservation, the processing of fabrics and wood, as well as objects and furnishings made using these same methods. Inside there are several figures that enliven the fire, weave tapestries and bring the mind back to the inhabitants of the original house. In the "new" part there is a cinema that projects a very nice film every 20 minutes that we absolutely recommend to watch. VERY RECOMMENDED

PRICE: € 17.50 approx

If you do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of food for the day or simply want to limit your expenses as much as possible, we advise you to estimate the food needed for the trip and decide to board it in a hold baggage. The laws on food transport in Norway make it possible to introduce practically any food (with the exception of potatoes that require special authorization, do not ask why) as long as it comes from the European Union. For all others a special authorization is required. We have decided to bring more canned and freeze-dried food as possible (= lower risk of breakage in the hold in the hold and between the various airports), then:

Loose bread, crackers, tuna salads, risottos and powdered soups, plastic cutlery.
And also: biscuits, spreads, cold cuts and vacuum-packed cheese.

The prices of fruit and vegetables are not so different from the Italian ones, on the spot we also nurtured ourselves with something healthy! The recommended supermarkets are definitely Rema 1000, Kiwi and Coop . The water is on average more expensive everywhere with peaks in small shops and service stations, we went from € 0.60 for 2 liters of Rema 1000 to about € 4 K-Circle. The local fish (stoccafisso and salmon) has a decidedly inferior cost to that of the meat, from Rema 1000 we have bought a filet of salmon of excellent quality from 800gr with less than 10 €. Beer and alcohol in general have very high prices even compared to local standards, Norway has a major problem of alcoholism in the population and this seems to be a maneuver to try to reduce it. A 0.5 liter beer bought in a Rema 1000 goes from 2.80 to 4 € without much difficulty depending on the brands; however, the average quality is really good. Drinking in pubs can be very expensive, at the Olhallen brewery (however recommended as it is the oldest pub in Tromso and that brew beer of the northernmost brewery in the world, the Mack) an average goes from 15 to 22 €.

PRICE: about € 50 for 9 days, spending made by Lidl + € 140 spent in local supermarkets (because we do not spare, we grind strong).

For more info on importing food:


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