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We are Marco and Giulia, two normal people, two normal lives ... with a boundless love for this planet, which we can not help but try to discover every day. Gathering information and memories during our travels we decided to give life to this blog, to share our experiences and create content that could be useful to other travelers. This passion has always guided us and our bond has strengthened over the years, leading us to mature the fateful decision:

Quit everything and give us a whole year around the world

During this long and exciting adventure we do not want to limit ourselves to show you what we will do and the places we will meet, it is not the reason why we are born and you will never see us "laminated" in a glossy Instagram photo. Our great desire is to show you the world, the cultures and the peoples we will meet without being veiled. Without filters, without fictions, without preconceptions. Only the extraordinary planet on which we have the privilege of living. The focus of our camera will be on people , on diversity , on distinctive traits of different societies.

In a difficult historical moment like the one we are experiencing, in a country that has never known so many faces, languages and traditions all together, we want to make a concrete contribution. In our small way, we will try to convey a positive message to those who follow us: We are all human beings and as we once read, somewhere, "The meeting of cultures always generates beauty"

Our journey begins like this, shouting LET`S STAY HUMAN.
So backpack on the shoulder, smile on the face and open heart, always!

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